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Lustful Utterances

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How the West [wasn't] won by Senator Hillary 'Goldwater Girl' Clinton. It's the Delegates, Stupid.

As you can see from this chart former Senator Barry Goldwater's ardent supporter (when Goldwater ran as the Republican candidate for President in 1964 against President Lyndon Baines Johnson), Senator Hillary Clinton didn't actually win the Nevada Caucus. Unless losing 11 of 17 Nevada counties qualifies as winning. That's not winning the state of Nevada if you understand the caucus process. Please spend the time to throughly brief yourself on the procedure of caucusing to learn what actually occurred in Nevada on January 19 here here and here. These links will no doubt clear up any confusion you're having on the process. And those of you outside of Nevada who believed one word oF Bill Clinton's phoney 5-1 claims about the at-large caucus sites and lawsuit that he and Hillary Clinton were the chief architects of should read this.

About the Racist fliers that circulated throughout Nevada

Hillary (Goldwater Girl aka G-Gi) and Bill (Slick, skirt chasing, Willy) Clinton are two hypocrites of the first order. They have the temerity to inject outright racism of the worst kind into this race for the White House thinking we, as a nation, haven't evolved far enough to talk about race without it being to Senator Obama's detriment. There was a series of fliers all over Las Vegas spewing the ugliest racism I've read in my life.

The latest ones said, "What are the four most feared words in America? I'm iz yo prezadent." -Barack H. Obama

Followed by, "America, be afraid. Be very afraid." Support Hillary Rodham Clinton for President

Bot Senator Hillar Clinton and former president Bill Clinton are two unrepentant liars, when caught and called on the carpet, they blame others for the lies they wove out of thin air. Semantics experts -- both ("I did not have sex with that woman").

If you saw Senator Clinton's Meet the Press interview where she called it 'unfair' to say she voted for the war in Iraq. Does she actually think people are that damn dumb? Then she goes on to basically claim Bush's white house 'tricked' her. She tossed all kind of obfuscation bombs (a Billary speciality) Senator Chuck Nagel said this, this Senator said that -- I never heard so much bile spewed forth by one women in such a short period of time (and with a straight face, too). She blamed everyone in the senate except Hillary Rodham Clinton for her vote to give the most mendaciously dangerous president in the history of our republic the authorization to go to war with Iraq.

In 2001 Goldie Girl voted for the bankruptcy bill that didn't pass -- essentially the same bankruptcy bill that Bill Clinton twice vetoed during his presidency (which boi George W. Bush signed into law). In 2005 she took a pass (she was a no show) on the bankruptcy bill (I thought she said Obama was the one who was the no-show Senator?). Senator Obama voted against it btw. When asked about her yes votes for the bankruptcy bill at The Nevada debate January 15 she mumbles some silliness like thank God it didn't pass or that she was glad it didn't pass. She didn't have to thank God or be glad it didn't pass after she voted for it, all she had to be was not vote for it, period. You know that li'l boy look thing Bill does when caught in his own web of lies, well she borrowed that look when she said it.

Normally the people who file for bankruptcy are those who earn less than $30,000 and are forced to file because of a catastrophic illness i.e. medical bills and or loss of their job. With mortgage foreclosures being what they are here in Nevada bankruptcy is a heartbeat away for some Nevadans (home mortgages nationally are around $7 trillion -- 15% of that $7 trillion or $1.1 trillion is the sub prime loans market. Nevada is number one in national foreclosures).

Then she's running these feel sorry for her, she finally found her voice commercials in Las Vegas and Reno. So her voice finally caught up to her after 35 years? The commercial had only women in it and they're of different generations (none are black btw). It played to the collective angst we, as women, oft-times feel. Well, it didn't working here, Goldie Girl.

As a young woman, Goldwater Girl (I prefer G-Gi or Goldie) supported the right wing nationalist, fanatic Senator Barry Goldwater for president against the Democratic President Lydon Baines Johnson -- in spite of the fact that Goldwater vehemently opposed LBJ's Civil Rights legislation. What utter hypocrisy to now represent herself as some champion of African-American equality. She later canvased for Richard Nixon and later for [then] Governor Nelson Rockefeller when he ran for president. All three of these men held political beliefs and enacted policies that where anti-African American to the extreme. These little political inconveniences are the real reasons her political career started 35 years ago. Try 44 years, Goldie. The Senator from New York thinks if she says it enough times she can make it so. Such is the nature of an on and off relationship with telling the whole truth. I know how some whites can harbor the ugliest racism towards non-whites for life and do it with a smile -- I've seen it a million times in my own lifetime of whites who harbor deep seated bigotry (or out and out race hate towards non whites) pretending otherwise. Two of this kind are Billy and Hillary Clinton.

What have the Clinton's actually done for African-Americans that they didn't do for themselves already? Nothing, that's what. Lani Guinier was a black woman whom Bill 'Slick Willy' Clinton purposed to be Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, yet didn't raise one finger to fight for her appointment when she got attacked by rightist nationalist during her conformation hearings. This in spite of the fact Lani Guinier was more than qualified for the position -- she was btw, the first black woman tenured professor at Harvard Law school. Remember Slick Willy's Sister Soulja moment in 1992 when he played to racialist attitudes for political gain? Billary offers window dressing to African Americans, nothing more. And if you want learn more about the method to anti-union, Billionaire Bush ally Robert Johnson's madness please read this.

After reading it any clear thinking Democrat will see that Robert Johnson isn't someone any real Democrat should give the time of day to, let alone consider his recommendations as to who should be the next president of the United States. Real Democrats should just consider the source and be done with him, but I digress.

On Bill Clinton's watch as leader of the free world nearly a million Ruwandans were erased from the face of the earth while his administration played in semantics (was it 'genocide' or wasn't it). That alone should toss the notion of Bill Clinton being the first 'black' president right out with the trash. African-Americans need to end this unrequited love affair with the Clinton clan. They've done nothing for blacks that shouldn't have been done by a Democratic president/administration in the first place.

I have ended my support for Congressman Dennis Kucinich and will from this point on support Senator Barack Obama to be the next president of the republic.

Here is Bill Clinton, the great champion of black America falling to sleep during a speech by Martin Luther King's son during an appearance at the Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem on January 20. Lets let him sleep, but America (particularly African-America) had better wake up to the Clinton's and their nonsense.

America should elect two qualified African-Americans in 2008.

Senator Barack Obama/Governor Duval Patrick 2008

Unlike our self-described decider-in-chief who can't do any negative criticism without acting like a lil' sissy, here is a link to the lame Globe magazine article which claims I'm in fear of some lil' simpleton, wimp ass, weakling who can't even stay on a bicycle without injuring himself or someone else for life. I mean, who falls off a Segway? Mama's Boy george bush did. It's like impossible to do I thought? This piss-ant of a man-child would be laughable performing his faux swagger if he weren't so dangerous. Closet case bisexual males [in positions of power] are something else -- I'll tell ya all about a few of them soon in Lustful Utterances.

Anyway, it's two and a half pages -- you'll see it after you click on the link and scroll til you see his stupid face. Did ya ever see a guy who always looks so utterly confused? Dude just doesn't get it does he? If ever there was a quintessential example of poor parenting it's his sorry ass. But when you think about it, what kind of human being could possibly emerge from a guy who was born with a silver foot in his mouth, and a white haired hag -- you just consider the source. What's the saying, if ya spare the rod, you spoil the child. With the good book in one hand, and the rod of correction in the other, a few regular trips to the woodshed for some much needed personality adjustments was just what the doctor should have ordered for his lost soul way back when it would have done some good.

A Bushevik, a Republican't............ "they are a little people, a silly people, a petty people -- greedy, barbarous and cruel." -Leola McConnell

Neoconservatism Is Dead (And I participated in the homicide. Good goddamn riddance -- bunch of bastard coated bastards, with bastard fillings.)

Russian President Putin's Interview with G8 Journalists regarding U.S plans to Deploy Missles in Eastern Europe and other Geopolitical Issues of Importance...(A must read. From one of our 'enemies'.)

All photos of me are from April & May/2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo of Rosie the Riveter is from WWII. And like then American women,"Do the job he left behind."

Because A Hard Woman is Good To Find!


The photos above will give you an idea what 172 lbs. of lean muscle on a woman can look like. I have 5-6 meals daily. These mpg's are a few of my workouts. I don't use "additives" of any kind, I am a All Natural Bodybuilder. One of my goals is to win the Ms. Natural Olympia. The scale and food aren't my enemies -- they're my two best friends. My eventual goal is to pack on another 15 lbs. of lean muscle in the next few years.

As you can see (below) there ain't a damn thing "weak in the knees" about this Liberal--I got your girlie-man right over here, it's called a knuckle sandwich. That's what I'd expect from a wisecracking, smartass sewn back together with [discarded] parts from a ham, I just consider the source. What did ya expect from a pig but a grunt. And it's "California" ya putz--someone actually voted for that simpleton? --------------------------------------------------------

*Leg press [360 lbs. @ 10 reps]

*Leg press [450 lbs. @ 10 reps]

*Leg press [540 lbs.@ 5 reps]

*Total of 10,800 lbs. in approx. 18 mins.*

**Donkey raise [360 lbs. @ 10 reps]

**Donkey raise [400 lbs. @ 8 reps]

**Total of 6,800 lbs. in 6 mins**

***Chest press [40 lbs each. @ 10 reps]

***Chest press [45 lbs each. @ 10 reps]

***Chest press [50 lbs each. @ 5 reps]

***Shoulder press [40 lbs each. @ 8 reps]

***Shoulder press [45 lbs each. @ 4 reps]

Total of 1,600 in 22-26 mins

All videos taken by "Crazy" Dwayne Donahue from County Cork, Ireland. Knock, Knock... Who's there? Dwayne... Dwayne who? Dwayne the bathtub, I'm Dwowning. All workouts done back to back.

One of Las Vegas' Hottest Hang-Outs is The Palms Hotel & Casino. It's where the Hottest bodies in Las Vegas come to rub elbows (and a few other parts of their anatomy). If only they have a great art gallery they'd have it all. Another is Wynn Las Vegas. It has a great shopping promenade and an art gallery to die for (art is my passion). Charlie Chaplin once said, "a day without laughter is a day wasted", well I say a day without seeing great art is a day wasted. There are around 10 great painters missing from the Wynn collection but it's still a "10" in my book.

Must see events while in Las Vegas: Zumanity at New York, New York Hotel and Casino. Picasso Ceramics at the Bellagio.


Leola Jean McConnell

Lustful Utterances