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Like Sampson, my hair is [the source of] my strength. Or as James Brown once told Snoop Dogg, "my hair is my scremff." Don't ya just love ebonics-sorta like that other great [uniquely] american product called Jazz. Both a present to the world from the ebony people. Now where would we all be without the ebony people-we'd be a bunch of no dancing, corny white people that can't jump. Good, God!

SUPPORT SINN FEIN - when you do so, you support the peace process in Northern Ireland.

Nevada Governor's Race

All photos are from April & May/2004 Las Vegas, Nevada.



These mpg's are a few of my workouts. I don't use "additives" of any kind, I am a All Natural Bodybuilder. My future goal is to win the Ms. 'Natural' Olympia in 2005. As you can see (below) there ain't a damn thing "weak in the knees" about this Liberal--I got your girlie-man right over here, it's called a knuckle sandwich. That's what I'd expect from a wisecracking, smartass sewn back together with [discarded] parts from a ham, I just consider the source. What did ya expect from a pig but a grunt. And it's "California" ya putz--someone actually voted for that simpleton. --------------------------------------------------------

*Leg press [360 lbs. @ 10 reps]

*Leg press [450 lbs. @ 10 reps]

*Leg press [540 lbs.@ 5 reps]

**Donkey raise [360 lbs. @ 10 reps]

**Donkey raise [400 lbs. @ 8 reps]

***Chest press [40 lbs each. @ 10 reps]

***Chest press [45 lbs each. @ 10 reps]

***Chest press [50 lbs each. @ 5 reps]

***Shoulder press [40 lbs each. @ 8 reps]

***Shoulder press [45 lbs each. @ 4 reps] * all done back to back--same day.

One of Las Vegas' Hottest Hang-Outs is The Palms Hotel & Casino. It's where the Hottest bodies in Las Vegas come to rub elbows (and a few other parts of their anatomy). If only they have a great art gallery they'd have it all. Another is Wynn Las Vegas. It has a great shopping promenade and an art gallery to die for (art is my passion). Charlie Chaplin once said, "a day without laughter is a day wasted", well I say a day without seeing great art is a day wasted. There are around 10 great painters missing from the Wynn collection but it's still a "10" in my book.