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Cost of the War in Iraq
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Leola McConnell

SUPPORT SINN FEIN - When you do, you support the peace process in Northern Ireland.

My Thoughts on Divine Strake, then and now (2007).

A Hispanic woman from Guatemala said to me a few days ago, (regarding Bush 43) "may he spend many years in the prison." Many years in the prison is exactly where he needs to be, and exactly where I planned on shipping his sorry, self loathing (closet homosexual) ass had Nevadans elected me to be Governor in 2006. Take it from me, he's a sissy to his core (saw it firsthand with me own Irish eyes). He is a god awful, murderously ugly little man, both inside and out. The lower his poll numbers go, the worse he'll get -- he likes doing things to us against our will daring us to stop him, that's the point of all this insanity he piles on day after day. It's an ugliness of the extremely weak male trying to behave as if he's more than the sum of his sorry, piss ant parts. He's like that ugly little creature with the whip and the bowie knife in the movie Sin City that kidnaps Jessica Alba's character. Just like I told you he would, now he's got his little piss-ant, neo-con-artist CIA director [Gates] on the emboldening the enemy bandwagon-- I knew it was only a matter of time before he whipped out that stale cue-card.

Now the brutal, cowardly beast is hell-bent on fulfilling the neo-con-artists agenda of invading Iran and we're all going to have to come along for the ride if we want to or not. President George W. Bush aka Head Homo is a garden variety rapist who preys on frail old ladies or helpless teenage girls telling himself how macho his actions are. The fake tough guy swagger, attempting to camouflage the effeminate child that governs his twisted psyche. When it was his cue to fight during Vietnam the panty waist sissy was nowhere to be found.

Three cheers for left side Congressman Dennis Kucinich from Ohio -- hopefully he'll be the next President of the United States. I know it's a long shot any congress-person would ever win their party's nomination, let alone be elected president but you can't blame me for wishful thinking. Rep. Kucinich will surely start impeachment proceedings if that nut-job invades the sovereign nations of Iran or Syria without congressional authority. If he doesn't win he'll still be in the congress, thus I'll be picking his brain like a buzzard for my way around The Hill if I'm elected in 2008. Not that I don't know most of the bastard coated bastards with bastard filling, in the congress by their natural names already -- but working together is what being in congress is all about. Whoever wins the nomination for the Democratic Party in 2008, would be wise to choose Governor Deval Patrick from the great state of Massachusetts as their Vice Presidential running mate. It would be fitting if Governor Deval Patrick were the first black man elected President of the United States, as oppose to it being Senator Barack Obama if ya ask me. He's more than qualified for the position and won't back down from a good ol fashion, bare knuckle political brawl like Senator Obama is bound too. Don't let Governor Patrick's height fool ya -- he's a scrapper that one.

If Senator Hillary Clinton wins the nomination the only way she gets my vote is if she picks Governor Patrick as her running mate. I fell out of love with her when I found out she was once a Goldwater republican -- she's sounding like she's having flash-backs to the days of old with her positions on the Iraq war. Don't even mention Senator Barack 'Umm' Obama, if he says umm one more time between sentences I'm going to pull all my hair out at the roots. Besides, Senator Obama is wishy-washy on the whole Middle East situation in my opinion, along with the nastiness he and Senator John 'Pretty Boy Floyd' Edwards and Senator Hillary Clinton are inevitably going to exchange, he's going to handle far too laid back to be affective (although he did rise to the occasion for the Australian rightist weasel Prime Minister Howard's comments) plus the dixiecrat southerners aren't going to vote for him for Prez. I think Senator Obama will fold like a wet noddle when they start the madrasah-Hussein crap [again]. His natural strength would be to go forward in a far more confrontational manner but I just can't imagine him doing that. He needs to do a Jack Johnson-Muhammad Ali in their faces with it all to be taken seriously as a black candidate, but I see him as playing it more Joe Louis, bite his tongue style. It's going to be the dirtiest dog that gets this bone, he wanted front row -- well he got front row. If my brotha from anotha motha thought running for president of the republic was going to be the cake walk that kicking Jack Ryan's brains in for the senate in 04 was, he'd better think again. This is a whole notha kettle of fish.


The bear outside, a short story by Leola McConnell.

When I was a mini-me of nine years old living in Alaska, my step-father would feed the bears around our house doughnuts, with the plan of shooting one for food one day. I know, you're saying is he mental or what. The bears would come around for doughnuts often-obviously a very dangerous situation to be in ever for an adult. One day when I was home alone, one of our many bear diner guests came around looking for his nightly snack and when he didn't find any doughnuts he walked up on the porch. I could hear him breathing and he didn't sound like a happy camper. I ran into the kitchen area and grabbed a wooden spoon to defend myself with if he got into the house -- I got under a table with my back to the wall to fight him off, I figured I'd poke his eyes out. Actually I was far more angry than afraid. I was angry that I wasn't strong enough to choke him to death like a tale I'd heard about this guy who killed a bear with his bare hands, so I had to hide under table hoping to fight him off with a wooden spoon, it made me feel so incredibly weak. It was sort of like when Muhammad Ali had his bike stolen when he was a kid and knew that if he ever caught up with the person who stole his bike they had an ass kicking coming, only he didn't know how to fight sort of thing, so he joined a boxing club -- the rest, as they say is history.

Even since, 'the bear outside' my door (2 legged or 4) inspires me to be my physical best -- for that day. You know that ol' southern saying, "if you see me and a bear in a fight, don't help me, help the bear, he's the one in need of help." Lucky for his doughnut eating butt he didn't get in -- I mean come on, could you honestly see me being beaten up by some out of shape, doughtnut eating fat ass teddy bear with white powder on his kisser? No way I'm losing a fair fight to Winnie the Pooh -- not even a 800 lb. Brown Alaskan Grizzly Winnie the Pooh, my ego would never let me hear the end of it. As a college educated friend of mine said when I told him about my visit from Winnie the Pooh, that bear must don't even be knowin' who you is -- the fool better check his self, before he wreck his self" (I tossed in, sho you right, dawg).

For the trillionth time, I fear no man of flesh and blood--regardless of the title he wears. So some right wing Hampsterbrain sending me death threats over the internet because he doesn't like my comments about Head Homo is pathetic. To quote Head Homo, "Bring It On!"

The Christian Right and the Rise of American Fascism by Chris Hedges

All photos of me are from April & May/2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo of Rosie the Riveter is from WWII. And like then American women,"Do the job he left behind."

Because A Hard Woman is Good To Find!


These mpg's are a few of my workouts. I don't use "additives" of any kind, I am a All Natural Bodybuilder. One of my goals is to win the Ms. 'Natural' Olympia. As you can see (below) there ain't a damn thing "weak in the knees" about this Liberal--I got your girlie-man right over here, it's called a knuckle sandwich. That's what I'd expect from a wisecracking, smartass sewn back together with [discarded] parts from a ham, I just consider the source. What did ya expect from a pig but a grunt. And it's "California" ya putz--someone actually voted for that simpleton? --------------------------------------------------------

*Leg press [360 lbs. @ 10 reps]

*Leg press [450 lbs. @ 10 reps]

*Leg press [540 lbs.@ 5 reps]

*Total of 10,800 lbs. in approx. 18 mins.*

**Donkey raise [360 lbs. @ 10 reps]

**Donkey raise [400 lbs. @ 8 reps]

**Total of 6,800 lbs. in 6 mins**

***Chest press [40 lbs each. @ 10 reps]

***Chest press [45 lbs each. @ 10 reps]

***Chest press [50 lbs each. @ 5 reps]

***Shoulder press [40 lbs each. @ 8 reps]

***Shoulder press [45 lbs each. @ 4 reps]

Total of 1,600 in 22-26 mins

All videos taken by "Crazy" Dwayne Donahue from County Cork, Ireland. Knock, Knock... Who's there? Dwayne... Dwayne who? Dwayne the bathtub, I'm Dwowning. All workouts done back to back.

One of Las Vegas' Hottest Hang-Outs is The Palms Hotel & Casino. It's where the Hottest bodies in Las Vegas come to rub elbows (and a few other parts of their anatomy). If only they have a great art gallery they'd have it all. Another is Wynn Las Vegas. It has a great shopping promenade and an art gallery to die for (art is my passion). Charlie Chaplin once said, "a day without laughter is a day wasted", well I say a day without seeing great art is a day wasted. There are around 10 great painters missing from the Wynn collection but it's still a "10" in my book.

Must see show while in Las Vegas: Phantom of the Opera. The Ansel Adams collection at the Bellagio is great also.


Leola Jean McConnell

Cost of the War in Iraq
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Three Men of my Heart: Francois Dominique Toussaint L'Overture, Michael Collins, Ernesto "Che" Guevara.