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Citizens of Nevada,

My name is Leola McConnell, and I am the Liberal Democrat candidate for Governor of Nevada, 2006.

I speak from my own personal experiences when I tell you the neo-con nationalist, William J. Bennett is a virulent racist of the first order--with all the associated social afflictions.   He is a pathological liar, a degenarate gambler (to the tune of $10-13 million not $8 million as reported). One whose private beliefs on race far, far exceed his recent public pronouncements on the social benefits of the complete extermination of African-American infants--what you heard was the world according to this so called "man of virtue."

He is a pathological liar who lied to a wife of twenty plus years about his hidden gambling "crack cocaine like addiction". Living this lie (and many others) on a daily basis for God knows how many years and vehemently refused to seek counselling when it was all to clear his gambling habit had spiralled out of control. People familiar with the pathological lies of the degenerate gambler will tell you that the lies and deception those with his affliction inflict on family and friends have an insanity all their own. When outed by the Washington Monthly he responded with, "it wasn't like he blew the milk money" - and people expect this pathological liar and degenerate gambler who thinks he can tell you that pancakes grow on trees to "fess up" to his failings as a human being - well it takes a strong man to admit to being a wrong man and there isn't anything resembling strength in the character of William J. Bennett.

On many occasions he privately proclaimed to me a hatred of black americans, jews and gays that one would be hard pressed to find among the most rabid of racist.

He boasted of enacting policies (as secretary of education under then president Ronald Reagan) designed to 'purposely' [mis]educate inner city African-American youths and thwart their forward progress educationally and otherwise.

I remind you, this is the very same William J. Bennett who proudly proclaimed that homosexual men live, on average, to the age of 43 because of their homosexual lifestyle choice.

The statements he makes and have made regarding homosexuality are done in an attempt to resist/closet his own homo-erotic interests.   His insane contempt and jealousy for African-American males is rooted in a massive inferiority complex he attempts to mask with a superiority complex.

He harbors a perverse sexual attraction towards black men that is slowly devouring him from the inside out.   It is a pathology shared by countless white american men who espouse his warped racialist point of view.

Like countless other neo-cons of his ilk, I'm sure the recent situation in New Orleans (aka New Oraq) of black people dying in mass numbers, being left to starve and die without benefit of food, water or shelter by the national government (and the resulting diaspora) warmed his dark heart.

I wouldn't be surprised one bit to find out that the spin the national government (overrun with neo-con extremists) put on the incidents of looting, rapes, infanticide, murder and even cannibalism (we all now know to be lies) came out of a neo-conservative think tank--it has their earmarkings all over it.

He is a high ranking architect of the neo-con movement whose primary job is subterfuge of the racial/social and religious variety.   He spoke to me many times of a natural or man made catastrophe leading to a diaspora of the magnitude seen in the Gulf States leading to a massive black refugee population of the kind we are witnessing now and it's political benefits were it to happen in a major american 'democrat voter' stronghold.

Anyone who has talked with him privately will tell you of his obsession with 'what if' disaster scenarios, they are omni-present themes in his land of bizarre.   Dispersing blacks to the four corners of our republic after a natural or man made disaster on the level of a Katrina or Rita was one of these obsessions.

His recent statement on race shows him to be an extremely immoral man, a professional degenerate liar (possible psychologically unbalanced) that all decent white Americans should rebuke in the strongest of terms (he professes to speak for mainstream white america).   As an Irish-American of Catholic faith I wish to say to African-Americans that he doesn't speak for Irish America or those of the Catholic faith-he speaks the sentiments of racist and neo-con americans only.

Essentially, this waste of human space calling himself a spokesperson for white American's values posed a question to all Americans--and the world, not just African-America awaits our response.   The entire world awaits our answer to his hate laced diatribe regarding those whose human value he has besmirched by having their humanity debated like some S&M game played in Abu Ghraib prison in the dark of night.

Our republic is not unique in birthing rightist and ultra-nationalist politicos (Joseph McCarthy, Roy Cohn, Barry Goldwater, George Wallace, Evan Mecum just to name a few) neo-cons like William Bennett and his other PNAC cronies are but extremes of this modern day example--like other modern western republics (France's Jean-Marie Le Pen, even Russia's Vladimir Zhirinovsky) they come with the political territory in their jew or muslim hating.   Bennett's "calculated" return to the political spotlight comes to us by way of a [racial] prevailing wind called, "monkey see, monkey do".

A racial attitude that was inevitable after the callous events in New Orleans of blacks left to die and spoke of as an irrelevancy by the national government and the MSM (main stream media) owned by their corporate cronies.

He's testing the waters and doesn't care in what manner he obtains the attention he seeks, if his return to fame can only be achieved by playing a human irritant then so be it.

He was emboldened in his quest to recover himself as a once revered voice of the far right by Bush's "law and order regardless" speech given to CNN the day after Katrina. Bush's mile high fly-by (the day before) proclaimed [loudly] that property already destroyed beyond repair by Katrina was still more valuable, in its wrecked state, than the black inhabitants were in their quests to survive by taking soon to be rotten food that would have rotted in stores with no electricity, no matter--it wasn't theirs. They didn't pay for it (and couldn't if they wanted to) therefor starve--that's the neo-con agenda for all the earth's non-white inhabitants. The brown people of the middle east and the black people of america are interchangeable as disposable, less than human objects, "useless eaters" in neo-con parlance.

He is embolden by the republican Speaker of the House, Dennis Hasert's initial statement that New Orleans wasn't worth rebuilding and of Louisiana's ten term Congressman Richard Baker's words, "God cleaned up" the public housing system in New Orleans for them (GOP). Both have since retracted their statements saying they were misunderstood--don't hold your breath waiting for William J. Bennett to do anything of the kind because from what I know of him I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

He is further emboldened to stay the race hate course by the lack of any real mention by the MSM of over 100,000 Iraqi civilians deaths thus far, or the recent near total destruction of the historic city of Falluja as part of their neo-con inspired war for empire that he and other neo-cons (now firmly in place throughout our republic) desperately implored [then] President Bill Clinton in 1998 to embark upon to no avail.

"[M]onkey see, monkey do" will rule racial politics once more in America if he is allowed to spin one of his many philosophical yarns as to what his real intentions were on September 28th--God only knows what racist bile will be peddled next for truth.

I don't know what America William J. Bennett lives in--the one I reside in is one where African-Americans are among our greatest American assets and they should be regarded by all Americans as among the most valued members of our human family. They have been most patient with us, suffering through centuries of indignities that only the greatest of patience could pass.

God Almighty will answer his "calculated" race hate question of September 28th and deal with William J. Bennett's corrupt soul in the after life but it is up to all of us to answer his vile and repugnant question and deal with him accordingly in this life.   May he from this day forward be met by "the walk of disgrace" with every decent american turning their backs on him and his neo-con ideology of hate.   Lets all turn our backs to him, hold our collective noses and treat him as an ill wind, as the "racial terrorist" he really is, a racial terrorist that plays to fear and to the "darker angels of our nature".

In the words of an Irishman I last voted for to be president of these United States of America, "then we can say to the terrorist, we will win and you, you will lose, because the future doesn't belong to fear, it belongs to freedom".   You hear that, William J Bennett - your kind are "why we fight", you virtue-less, morally bankrupt, waste of human space.   The future of all americans (african and alike) belongs to freedom.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Leola McConnell

Liberal Democrat for Governor of Nevada, 2006

Making Improvements To Nevada's Infrastructure

In the coming weeks I will lay out my plans [my platform] concerning a new direction for our state of Nevada. If you, the good people of Nevada, think I have what it takes to do the job and see fit to send me to Carson City in November 06 to Govern our great state, I will do "Whatever It Takes" to make our infrastructure second to none.

As your Governor, my only job will be to strengthen and expand Nevada's infrastructure for you, "the working people" of Nevada - not work to make multi-millionaires into billionaires, or billionaires into trillionaires at your expense.

Strengthening and expanding our infrastructure for the greater good of the working people of Nevada will be my first, second and third priorities. Together we will build "The Strongest Infrastructure" of any state in the United State of America.

The infrastructure priorites I will be focusing on are 1) the pedophile invasion facing our state -Nevada will be a "Pedophile Free Zone". I'll rid Nevada of every pedophile who seeks to practice their perverse violence on our children. The pedophile grapevine says we're ripe for their perverse craft - the word has to get out that if caught in Nevada, it'll be the last time they will ever hurt another child. They have infested our school system and other public and private services whose business are our children - It's a very cold blooded, calculating pedophile game of hiding in plain sight that is part of the sexual violence aimed at our children that excites them. 2) Nevada unfortunately holds one of the nation's highest rankings for violence against women (murder in particular). We need to permenantly shut the door on domestic violence. 3) Our failed education system (below national average in most areas) MUST be entirely revamped from the bottom up and made far better in the next 4 years - Nevada's children are 100% of our future. 4) Establishing a "real living wage" for our workers not just lip service. 5) Defending Nevada's property owners against future assailments from "Eminent Domain" and the medical Marijuana rulings that came out of recent Supreme Court decisions. 6) Stopping The Yucca Mountain Project from ever entering Nevada - it will contaminate and destroy 'forever' our way of life and our state. I did not move to Nevada to become a nuclear waste janitor and I'm pretty sure you didn't either. 7) An ascending scale reparations program for Nevada residents of 20 years or more that are of clear African-American descent ($100,000 - $150,000). 8) Ending homelessness in the state of Nevada. We have over 19,000 homeless women, men and children - with the ranks of homeless women with children growing, this must not and will not continue. Seniors and war veterans are among our growing Nevada homeless population . If elected Governor, I will not allow this inhumanity and disgraceful situation (reflecting on all Nevadans as a civilized people) to continue. We don't need any more panels or surveys to tell us there are homeless people in Nevada--we need action on the part of the Legislature and the next Governor to end it, and end it now. One homeless Nevada family is one Nevada family to many. We are judged by how we behave towards "the least of these" in Gods eyes. 9) To clean up our mercury laden air in the northern part of the state caused by the gold mining industry that affects not only the health of Nevadans, it also affects the neighboring states of Idaho, Utah, California and states as far away as Oregon. In 2002 they saw profits of 2.4 billion dollars - Nevada is the third largest gold producer in the world behind the country of South Africa and the Continent of Australia. With those kinds of profits from their gold mining operations alone they can afford to clean up the mess they make and be good "corporate citizens" - and made to do so if being asked nicely to "play nice" doesn't work. Either way our open air spaces must not be ruined forever for the sake of profits over human health. Regarding the Yerington Mine, which is located approx 80 miles from Reno - it is a closed copper mine owned by Atlantic Richfield (Arco) and is under Bushevik protection. It is heavily contaminated by uranium and should be designated a Superfund site. If elected to Govern Nevada I will work to make it so. 10) All Nevadans must have unabridged access to safe prescription drugs from Canada without further delay and interference from the drug company barons. Our seniors as well as all Nevadans will have full access to more affordable prescription drugs if I'm elected Governor in 2006. The importation of less expensive prescription drugs from Canada for all Nevadans should be and will be a right not a privilege. Citizens should never have to beg their government for what is their God given human right to life sustaining safe medicines at the best free market prices regardless of where these drugs are located in the world.

Disrupting The Neo-Con "Two Step"

I entered this race because I believe I know the pressing issues facing Nevada and how best to remedy what ails us and my past dealings (however indiscreet) with certain neo con/PNAC members has given me a distinct advantage over others in the race on how best to disrupt their "neo con two step" and thwart these plans of conquest. Our much valued state and its resources are a sought after prize in the neo-con game of empire building - They can't complete their war for empire without Nevada being firmly under their control.

Their disastrous policies have led us into an ever expanding war in the Middle East (with future plans of attacking Syria, Iran, North Korea and possibly Venezuela) with no end in the foreseeable future while deaths of American soldiers (nearly 2,000) and innocent civilian casualties (estimates as high as 150,000) mount on a daily basis. The neo-cons have entered Congressman Jim Gibbons, a junior member in their extremist movement into the race for Governor on their behalf. Nevadans (as well as our republic) will suffer irreparable damage if this neo-con nationalist is elected Governor. Congressman Jim Gibbons is a lock-step "Bushevik" who will sell our great state down the Colorado River if he is hired by you to be the next Governor of Nevada. In his launch party for Governor they sent in another neo-con, Jack Kemp, William J. Bennett's partner at Empower America (yes him again) to be at his side. I know (in detail) what they're up to concerning Nevada, I've listened to their plans for years and my indiscretions aside I'm the candidate best suited for the coming battle against these extremist - I know the plays and most of the players, those both in and outside of the government.

The neo cons and their agents in the MSM will try to discredit my candidacy for Governor by waving these adult indiscretions (I will detail for you shortly) . If being a neo-con extremist, in and of itself, doesn't exclude Congressman Jim Gibbons from running, along with working hand in hand with his predatory capitalist, D.C. Beltway, greedy-grabber cronies bent on malicious knavery to destroy Nevada by chopping up our resources (human and mineral),then nothing will exclude him. If the racialist Bob Beers isn't excluded from running after the vulgar pronouncements that spewed forth from his pie-hole, I'm certain I shouldn't be excluded from running for Governor - my past indiscreetness pales next to those two characters and their human vulgarity. This Birkenstock wearing, tree huggin' Liberal is in it, to win it! So tell 'em I'm coming and tell 'em hell is coming with me. H-E-L-L.

The recent catastrophic events, the Indonesian tsunami, hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the earthquake in Islamabad, Pakistan, massive flooding in the Northeast (primarily in the state of New Hampshire) along with a possible Bird Flu Pandemic on the horizon with all of America unprepared for it - caught off guard once more, proves that a Governor's fundamental priority is the infrasturcture. Strengthening it, expanding it, protecting it and maintaining it. Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure - that is what responsible state governance is - there to serve. These life or death matters can't be left to the national government - forsight and swift action on the part of state goverment will in, the end, mean the difference between who lives and who doesn't. These things will be my only care.

All the best to you and God Bless.


Leola McConnell

Liberal Democrat for Governor of Nevada, 2006


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Leola McConnell for Governor of Nevada, 2006 Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.