Lustful Utterances

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Leola for U.S.Senate'10

Photo of Rosie the Riveter is from WWII. And like then American women,"Do the job he left behind."
Adult Addictions Specialist

Because A Hard Woman is Good To Find!


The photos above will give you an idea what 172 lbs. of lean muscle on a woman can look like. I have 5-6 meals daily. These mpg's are a few of my workouts. I don't use "additives" of any kind, I am a All Natural Bodybuilder. One of my goals is to win the Ms. Natural Olympia. The scale and food aren't my enemies -- they're my two best friends. My eventual goal is to pack on another 15 lbs. of lean muscle in the next few years.

As you can see (below) there ain't a damn thing "weak in the knees" about this Liberal--I got your girlie-man right over here, it's called a knuckle sandwich. That's what I'd expect from a wisecracking, smartass sewn back together with [discarded] parts from a ham, I just consider the source. What did ya expect from a pig but a grunt. And it's "California" ya putz--someone actually voted for that simpleton? --------------------------------------------------------

*Leg press [360 lbs. @ 10 reps]

*Leg press [450 lbs. @ 10 reps]

*Leg press [540 lbs.@ 5 reps]

*Total of 10,800 lbs. in approx. 18 mins.*

**Donkey raise [360 lbs. @ 10 reps]

**Donkey raise [400 lbs. @ 8 reps]

**Total of 6,800 lbs. in 6 mins**

***Chest press [40 lbs each. @ 10 reps]

***Chest press [45 lbs each. @ 10 reps]

***Chest press [50 lbs each. @ 5 reps]

***Shoulder press [40 lbs each. @ 8 reps]

***Shoulder press [45 lbs each. @ 4 reps]

Total of 1,600 in 22-26 mins

All videos taken by "Crazy" Dwayne Donahue from County Cork, Ireland. Knock, Knock... Who's there? Dwayne... Dwayne who? Dwayne the bathtub, I'm Dwowning. All workouts done back to back.

One of Las Vegas' Hottest Hang-Outs is The Palms Hotel & Casino. It's where the Hottest bodies in Las Vegas come to rub elbows (and a few other parts of their anatomy). If only they have a great art gallery they'd have it all. Another is Wynn Las Vegas. It has a great shopping promenade and an art gallery to die for (art is my passion). Charlie Chaplin once said, "a day without laughter is a day wasted", well I say a day without seeing great art is a day wasted. There are around 10 great painters missing from the Wynn collection but it's still a "10" in my book.

Must see events while in Las Vegas: Zumanity at New York, New York Hotel and Casino. Picasso Ceramics at the Bellagio.


Leola Jean McConnell

Lustful Utterances